High School

Were you also told that what you are and what you do in high school defines you? Well i wont say its all true and its not all wrong too. High School is a place where we learn a lot. I mean in life terms. That crush you had, the guy you dated, old broken friendships to new friendships. It all teaches you something really big. Pay close attention. 

One of the major things are. Relationships. Its so in fashion to have a significant other during high school right? I tell you what. It’s not. You are just a teen. What do you know about love. Okay maybe you know. But you have only lived 1/4th of your life how do you know he is the one? But i’ll also tell you to make memories. Have crushes. Flirt. Dance. Go out. Go on dates. Most importantly Make friends. Because when you and your best of friends go different paths? These memories are the only thing which will keep the bond alive. 

All i am saying is live your high school days. Life is way tough after that. Live to the fullest while you can. 

Monkey love to you all. 

Live to the fullest. 

And if in anyone way you think you can relate to me or want to talk. I am always up for a conversation. 💕


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