I am not talking Mr. Grey. Okay? Sorry to dissapoint. 😂 I am rather gonna talk about life. Yeah. Shades and life? 

You see life has different shades. Happy, Sad, Love etc etc. Its like a pallette and you are making an abstract painting. You are gonna need all those colours. All those shades complete painting. What will be a painting without a little black? Or a little red? You are getting what i am saying right? 

Most of all life need YOU to have different shade. Not 50 but few shades. But the shade which should be the most seen is your own shade. The original you. You are like white. Even in the painting full of colours its white which is most important. You cant start without a white background can you? 

Monkey love to you all ❤️

Also i saw i didnt get much responses on my previous post. Its okay if you guys dont like sharing you own stories related to the post but its good to let things out you know?  


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