What if. 

First of all i am not talking about The movie. Although i can go on and on about Daniel Radcliffe. I mean have you heard his accent? So sexy. And them eyes. 😻 

Sorry. Back to the point 😅

‘What If’.Two words. But isnt it amazing how our life most of the times revolve around these two words? You see, life gives you options most of the times and even if you make a choice there is always this ‘What If’. You’d choose to eat a chocolate ice cream but then you’ll think ‘What If’ vanilla would have been better? Mostly there is no easy solution to these ‘What If’ ( but in this case there is. Eat both the flavours dude. Its ice cream.) But  for instance you like two guys. You’ll choose one but then you’ll keep pondering over the thought of ‘What If’. What if the other guy was better for me? What if he was the one? What if i made the wrong decision? What if i end up sad and alone. Blah blah blah. But mostly we have these questions because we make choices by running away from them. You’ll list out the things you like in the ‘guy one’ and you wont even go to ‘guy two’ just for the sake of not getting confused. Dont let these ‘What If’ be in your life. Life is way better without them. Dont do that to yourself. You have the right to experience both the options and then make a choice so there is no ‘?’ In the future. And ‘What If’ in order to remove ‘What If’ you find something better? There is this quote “Live your life without ever having to ask, ‘What if?”. 

I strongly believe in this. And everyone should. Life is not to be lived with series of questions. They are mostly the ones that cause problems. Always be sure of the choices you make and then they’ll never turn out to be wrong or the bad ones. 

Monkey love to all. 💕  



Hey guys. 

So i need y’all’s help here. I saw my last post and i dont think many of you related to it. I just want you guys to give me ideas on what to write about. There are lots of things in my mind. And i have always not known what to say. So help me out? I would really appreciate if you help a friend out here? I have always thought that online is a good place to make friends. They match your mindset. And even without knowing you they help you. 💕

You know? Confusions are a very common part of our lives. As a teenager we are confused about most of the things. And its normal. Nobody expects anyone to figure out everything. But teenagers. We are the most confused people on plant. 

Top things every teenager is confused about:

  1. Crushes. You all must have spent nights over the thought that your crush likes you back or are you in love with them or just an infatuation? 
  2. Clothes. Well, only incase of girls though. What clothes to wear, how they’ll look on you etc etc.
  3. Girls. Didnt you always felt that girls are confusing? I am saying this being a girl myself. I mean why are they all so difficult to understand? Ugh. 
  4. Careers. Trust me. Even i dont know what i am gonna do regarding job and all. 
  5. Feelings. Do i have to say more? There are so many of them. All those feeling at once. 
  6. Life. Yes the major of all life. But ask your parents they havent figured it out too. You’ll figure it out. 

So, i am confused too. I dont know if this new step i took of blogging is gonna go somewhere. Or if anyone is even listening me or If my writting is helping you at anyway or if i am even a good writer. I would love your feedbacks. Help me out? 

Monkey love to you all 💕