Book review #1 Dear John

Dear John by Nicolas Sparks

The first book review i decided to do is one of my favourite books dear john because this is not a typical romance story. Dear john has one of the most beautiful and yet sad love story. John being an army man falls in love with beautiful girl. And their summer romance start. They fight, laugh, love in those few weeks. And its enough for them to know they want to take it forward. 

Why isnt it a typical love story? I have read almost all of Nicolas Sparks book but this has an ending which seemed most realistic to me. And the end is sadly beautiful in its own way. 

The book shows what long distance relationship are, what is waiting for the one you love, and what is sacrifising you love. And especially what love makes you let go for the person you love to be happy. 

The most beautiful part of the book is the moon part. The line: 

No matter where you are in the world,the moon is never bigger than your thumb.

The line holds such beautiful and connecting meaning throughout the book and especially in the end. 

If you love romance novels which are not cliche like happily ever after, Dear john is a must read. ( Also there will be a bucket load of tears as the book moves along) 

In a words this book is the saddest yet the one of the most beautiful romance written. 

Special note: I loved the way it dealt with the lives of soldiers and how it affects the one they love's life. 

You can also watch the movie staring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried which is amazing and will make you cry the whole 2 hour, But the book holds so much emotions which you can feel through the words.

Let me know if you like the review and want me to do more.

Monkey love to all 🐒💝


Fairy Tales. 

I read those oh-so-happy-fairytales in my childhood. There was always a princess who got her prince charming in the end. All the girls wanted that prince charming. Who’ll come on a white horse and sweep you off your feet. But we all forget about the evilness in the way. The evil people of the story. And there is a very fine difference between the evil person and the prince charming. And sometimes we mistaken the evil guy to be our prince charming and give up on the whole princess thing. But its not the end. That evilness will break you. But you if you keep looking you just might find the prince maybe waiting with a pair of glass slippers? Dont give up on love just because someone gave you the reasons too. Its easy to give up but difficult to have hope and faith. Every girl deserves her own fairy tale. And you’ll find your prince charming. Just hold on. 

And to the prince charming waiting. Can you please see that the glass slipper is of Jimmy Choo or maybe Louis Vuitton? And preferbly black? Thanks. 😉