Wish you may, and wish you might”
Wish is something we all (even though we say otherwise) believe in. I have seen many people say that i dont believe in shooting stars, 11:11 etc. But at some point of their life they wished for something or the other even it was something as little as to pass in a exam or wishing for your favourite team to win.

But you may often see a person saying ‘my wish wasn’t fulfilled’. We very easily blame some other phenomena for our incomplete wishes BUT the actual reason lies beneath the nature of wish. We often tend to wish for something to NOT happen. For example, You continuously wish to NOT to fail in a particular subject. This is the negative nature of a wish. Whereas if we wish to pass in that particular subject it will be the positive nature of the wish. Always go for the positive nature.

I believe that Wishes are granted by angels. That is what i studied in stories. So Angels are attracted to positivity more than negativity. They are pure, positive creatures full of warmth. They’ll be attracted to positivity more and as a result listen to the wishes with positive nature. Thus, Explaining the why we should go for more positive wishes.

Wishes always felt so beautiful to me. Not because its magical or it magically fulfill our wants but because it gives people Hope. When they wish for something, they hold on to the hope that maybe it might come true. Hope is a powerful word. It gives you power within. 
Monkey love to all. 💕 
Also, I haven’t seen much of response on my previous couple of posts. I don’t really know what people want to read or relate to. And i am open to you guys opinions or advices. I’ll appreciate if you’ll let me know what you guys might want more from this blog.  


Bad days and how to handle them. 

Life isnt always rainbows and sunshine.

These couple of days have been real bad for me. And its getting much worse. But I’ll let you people know what to do on these days. 

  1. Cry. I always thought crying was for weak people. And when i was a child and people used to ask me ‘Are you crying?’ I always got defensive that i dont cry. But now, At this age i realise how important it is to just let go and cry. There are all these feelings, anger and pain wanting to come out. So cry it out. Its the most harmless yet the most effective way. There is nothing wrong in being weak for few minutes.
  2. Do things that make you happy. It can be anything from getting a spa to just eating a good meal. Pamper yourself. It’ll help you forget about all the bad things for few minutes. 
  3. Write it down. Lots of you might feel at those moments that there is no one to talk to. So write it down. Even if you dont maintain a journal just take a piece of paper write everything down and at the end just write that ‘It will be fine. I will be fine’ And hide it any book or notebook and someday you’ll find it and read it and think how all of that problems dont matter now. 
  4. Take a day off. I was a little doubtful on this too. I just wanted to curl up in my blanket and be there forever but there was this thing in my mind that someone out there is having a much worse day and they dont get to just lay it off. So how can i? But its okay. It doesnt matter how much worse it is. If you want a day off? Take it. 
  5. Know that everything will be better eventually. I warn you though it’ll get much worse before it gets better. I thought on the first day that it’ll be better tomorrow but No. Its like a bruise. Before getting better it gets much worse. Black and blue and what not disgusting colour but then it fades away. 

You’ll get better i promise. I dont want anyone of you to feel alone on these days. Find someone to talk to anf if there is no one. I am here. I will listen to each of you. Just dont be crying alone in your room. Its not a good feeling. 

For rainbows to be seen there is always a rainstorm before. 

Monkey love to you all. 💕 


I have always have had this facination with clouds. They just make me happy. I could keep staring at them all the time. And they are FLUFFY. Like cotton candy. 🙈 

Back to the point. So clouds have been a very major thought in my mind. I loved how they kept moving with me. In general how they kept moving and saw all these places. I always wanted to that. See places. 

And then i looked at the clouds one day. And i saw that how sky has different shades. There are that white clouds, the grey clouds, the blue sky, some yellowish light peeping from between. It makes all that so beautiful. 

So what i wanted to say is look at it this way. The blue sky is our life, the white clouds are the happy moments, the grey clouds are the sad ones and the yellowish light? Its Hope. You’ll see that light even if its all white clouds or all grey clouds hope is always there. 

And we love that rainy and pleasant weather right? I loooove it. Its my favourite. So have you ever looked at the sky during that weather? It comprises of all the blue sky, the grey and white clouds and the light. All these things is what makes it beautiful. And all the sadness, happiness and Hope. Is what makes life beautiful. Never lose that hope. Let that light shine at each point in your life. 

Monkey love to you all. 💕 

And please please all of you out there who read this. Hope. In yourself and others. It gets you places. ❤️


I am not talking Mr. Grey. Okay? Sorry to dissapoint. 😂 I am rather gonna talk about life. Yeah. Shades and life? 

You see life has different shades. Happy, Sad, Love etc etc. Its like a pallette and you are making an abstract painting. You are gonna need all those colours. All those shades complete painting. What will be a painting without a little black? Or a little red? You are getting what i am saying right? 

Most of all life need YOU to have different shade. Not 50 but few shades. But the shade which should be the most seen is your own shade. The original you. You are like white. Even in the painting full of colours its white which is most important. You cant start without a white background can you? 

Monkey love to you all ❤️

Also i saw i didnt get much responses on my previous post. Its okay if you guys dont like sharing you own stories related to the post but its good to let things out you know?  

Looks and Does it matter? 

Hey lovelies.

So i know this is a pretty sensitive topic. But i just wanted to put out my view on it. We have always been told that looks dont matter. Its what inside that matters. Its true you know. A year back and still i think that why do people say that. When anyone looks at us the first time he notices how we look right? Its not like we walk around with a board around our neck with all our personality traits. In this generation or maybe any generation if a guy find you pretty then only he will come and talk to you right? 

I was not always the ‘Beautiful girl’ i was often termed cute or adorable because i was a little chubby. When you grow in a family with more than 20 people you are sure to be compared. Out of all my cousins who were hot, tall , beautiful and in a relationship. I was always the least attractive one being short and chubby and single and also a tomboy. But as time went by i realised that being cute is not a bad thing right? What if i am chubby? I love food. I eat more than a big bear. What if not many guys take interest in me its doesnt matter much right? I am still insecure about my looks but i am coming to terms with it. 

But now what i think is. Guys are not that judgemental you know? Maybe you are not the most beautiful girl in the world. But all the guys are NOT same. All of them have different concept of beauty. Maybe you are not beautiful to one but you can be beautiful to another. And most of all you dont need to be beautiful for anyone. Be beautiful for you. More than looks what attracts a guy or girl is attitude and personality. How you talk, the way you walk ( Oh i can rhyme) etc etc. If you are comfortable in your own skin then the right person will see that. You inner beauty reflects you know. Flaunt it off. Dont be afraid to be your own kind of beautiful. 

And this post is not only for girls. I know guys are insecure about looks too. So its for everyone out there who spend hours worrying about looks. I know there are lots of you like me who are insecure about their looks. So, Do something. Each of you tell me atleast one thing you love about yourself. Speak your speacial trait out load in the comments or even your insecurities. Once you speak your insecurity i am telling you with experience you’ll feel much better and maybe i’ll be able to help. 

All you beautiful souls.Monkey love to you all. 💕

Also i so so so love all of you out there for your responce on my last post. Thank you so much for the encouragement. You guys are truly amazing especially the ones who took time to comment and give me a boost. Much love to all of you. 💕 


Hey guys. 

So i need y’all’s help here. I saw my last post and i dont think many of you related to it. I just want you guys to give me ideas on what to write about. There are lots of things in my mind. And i have always not known what to say. So help me out? I would really appreciate if you help a friend out here? I have always thought that online is a good place to make friends. They match your mindset. And even without knowing you they help you. 💕

You know? Confusions are a very common part of our lives. As a teenager we are confused about most of the things. And its normal. Nobody expects anyone to figure out everything. But teenagers. We are the most confused people on plant. 

Top things every teenager is confused about:

  1. Crushes. You all must have spent nights over the thought that your crush likes you back or are you in love with them or just an infatuation? 
  2. Clothes. Well, only incase of girls though. What clothes to wear, how they’ll look on you etc etc.
  3. Girls. Didnt you always felt that girls are confusing? I am saying this being a girl myself. I mean why are they all so difficult to understand? Ugh. 
  4. Careers. Trust me. Even i dont know what i am gonna do regarding job and all. 
  5. Feelings. Do i have to say more? There are so many of them. All those feeling at once. 
  6. Life. Yes the major of all life. But ask your parents they havent figured it out too. You’ll figure it out. 

So, i am confused too. I dont know if this new step i took of blogging is gonna go somewhere. Or if anyone is even listening me or If my writting is helping you at anyway or if i am even a good writer. I would love your feedbacks. Help me out? 

Monkey love to you all 💕

High School

Were you also told that what you are and what you do in high school defines you? Well i wont say its all true and its not all wrong too. High School is a place where we learn a lot. I mean in life terms. That crush you had, the guy you dated, old broken friendships to new friendships. It all teaches you something really big. Pay close attention. 

One of the major things are. Relationships. Its so in fashion to have a significant other during high school right? I tell you what. It’s not. You are just a teen. What do you know about love. Okay maybe you know. But you have only lived 1/4th of your life how do you know he is the one? But i’ll also tell you to make memories. Have crushes. Flirt. Dance. Go out. Go on dates. Most importantly Make friends. Because when you and your best of friends go different paths? These memories are the only thing which will keep the bond alive. 

All i am saying is live your high school days. Life is way tough after that. Live to the fullest while you can. 

Monkey love to you all. 

Live to the fullest. 

And if in anyone way you think you can relate to me or want to talk. I am always up for a conversation. 💕