I have always have had this facination with clouds. They just make me happy. I could keep staring at them all the time. And they are FLUFFY. Like cotton candy. 🙈 

Back to the point. So clouds have been a very major thought in my mind. I loved how they kept moving with me. In general how they kept moving and saw all these places. I always wanted to that. See places. 

And then i looked at the clouds one day. And i saw that how sky has different shades. There are that white clouds, the grey clouds, the blue sky, some yellowish light peeping from between. It makes all that so beautiful. 

So what i wanted to say is look at it this way. The blue sky is our life, the white clouds are the happy moments, the grey clouds are the sad ones and the yellowish light? Its Hope. You’ll see that light even if its all white clouds or all grey clouds hope is always there. 

And we love that rainy and pleasant weather right? I loooove it. Its my favourite. So have you ever looked at the sky during that weather? It comprises of all the blue sky, the grey and white clouds and the light. All these things is what makes it beautiful. And all the sadness, happiness and Hope. Is what makes life beautiful. Never lose that hope. Let that light shine at each point in your life. 

Monkey love to you all. 💕 

And please please all of you out there who read this. Hope. In yourself and others. It gets you places. ❤️



I am not talking Mr. Grey. Okay? Sorry to dissapoint. 😂 I am rather gonna talk about life. Yeah. Shades and life? 

You see life has different shades. Happy, Sad, Love etc etc. Its like a pallette and you are making an abstract painting. You are gonna need all those colours. All those shades complete painting. What will be a painting without a little black? Or a little red? You are getting what i am saying right? 

Most of all life need YOU to have different shade. Not 50 but few shades. But the shade which should be the most seen is your own shade. The original you. You are like white. Even in the painting full of colours its white which is most important. You cant start without a white background can you? 

Monkey love to you all ❤️

Also i saw i didnt get much responses on my previous post. Its okay if you guys dont like sharing you own stories related to the post but its good to let things out you know?