Looks and Does it matter? 

Hey lovelies.

So i know this is a pretty sensitive topic. But i just wanted to put out my view on it. We have always been told that looks dont matter. Its what inside that matters. Its true you know. A year back and still i think that why do people say that. When anyone looks at us the first time he notices how we look right? Its not like we walk around with a board around our neck with all our personality traits. In this generation or maybe any generation if a guy find you pretty then only he will come and talk to you right? 

I was not always the ‘Beautiful girl’ i was often termed cute or adorable because i was a little chubby. When you grow in a family with more than 20 people you are sure to be compared. Out of all my cousins who were hot, tall , beautiful and in a relationship. I was always the least attractive one being short and chubby and single and also a tomboy. But as time went by i realised that being cute is not a bad thing right? What if i am chubby? I love food. I eat more than a big bear. What if not many guys take interest in me its doesnt matter much right? I am still insecure about my looks but i am coming to terms with it. 

But now what i think is. Guys are not that judgemental you know? Maybe you are not the most beautiful girl in the world. But all the guys are NOT same. All of them have different concept of beauty. Maybe you are not beautiful to one but you can be beautiful to another. And most of all you dont need to be beautiful for anyone. Be beautiful for you. More than looks what attracts a guy or girl is attitude and personality. How you talk, the way you walk ( Oh i can rhyme) etc etc. If you are comfortable in your own skin then the right person will see that. You inner beauty reflects you know. Flaunt it off. Dont be afraid to be your own kind of beautiful. 

And this post is not only for girls. I know guys are insecure about looks too. So its for everyone out there who spend hours worrying about looks. I know there are lots of you like me who are insecure about their looks. So, Do something. Each of you tell me atleast one thing you love about yourself. Speak your speacial trait out load in the comments or even your insecurities. Once you speak your insecurity i am telling you with experience you’ll feel much better and maybe i’ll be able to help. 

All you beautiful souls.Monkey love to you all. 💕

Also i so so so love all of you out there for your responce on my last post. Thank you so much for the encouragement. You guys are truly amazing especially the ones who took time to comment and give me a boost. Much love to all of you. 💕