Its been a year.

Hey people. I know i have been gone for too long. My last post was in October last year? But i have my last year of school this year. And its been so stressful. But i am back. And i promise i'll post as much as i can. And if you'll notice, i changed the description. And i am going to add so many different things to this blog. Hit me up with suggestions on what i should post about and i'll give the shoutout to the one i choose to do. New post will be up very soon.

Monkey love to all 🐒💕


Book review #1 Dear John

Dear John by Nicolas Sparks

The first book review i decided to do is one of my favourite books dear john because this is not a typical romance story. Dear john has one of the most beautiful and yet sad love story. John being an army man falls in love with beautiful girl. And their summer romance start. They fight, laugh, love in those few weeks. And its enough for them to know they want to take it forward. 

Why isnt it a typical love story? I have read almost all of Nicolas Sparks book but this has an ending which seemed most realistic to me. And the end is sadly beautiful in its own way. 

The book shows what long distance relationship are, what is waiting for the one you love, and what is sacrifising you love. And especially what love makes you let go for the person you love to be happy. 

The most beautiful part of the book is the moon part. The line: 

No matter where you are in the world,the moon is never bigger than your thumb.

The line holds such beautiful and connecting meaning throughout the book and especially in the end. 

If you love romance novels which are not cliche like happily ever after, Dear john is a must read. ( Also there will be a bucket load of tears as the book moves along) 

In a words this book is the saddest yet the one of the most beautiful romance written. 

Special note: I loved the way it dealt with the lives of soldiers and how it affects the one they love's life. 

You can also watch the movie staring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried which is amazing and will make you cry the whole 2 hour, But the book holds so much emotions which you can feel through the words.

Let me know if you like the review and want me to do more.

Monkey love to all 🐒💝

New concept.

Hey people. I know i have been MIA. But exams you see. 

So since i have been gone i thought of a new concept which was bookreviews. 

I love reading books since i was a child. Its something which is a part of me. So i though of doing book reviews of some of the books which i have read and love. 

So tell me if you are interested in me doing book reviews. And the first review will be up soon. 

Monkey love to all. 🐒


Wish you may, and wish you might”
Wish is something we all (even though we say otherwise) believe in. I have seen many people say that i dont believe in shooting stars, 11:11 etc. But at some point of their life they wished for something or the other even it was something as little as to pass in a exam or wishing for your favourite team to win.

But you may often see a person saying ‘my wish wasn’t fulfilled’. We very easily blame some other phenomena for our incomplete wishes BUT the actual reason lies beneath the nature of wish. We often tend to wish for something to NOT happen. For example, You continuously wish to NOT to fail in a particular subject. This is the negative nature of a wish. Whereas if we wish to pass in that particular subject it will be the positive nature of the wish. Always go for the positive nature.

I believe that Wishes are granted by angels. That is what i studied in stories. So Angels are attracted to positivity more than negativity. They are pure, positive creatures full of warmth. They’ll be attracted to positivity more and as a result listen to the wishes with positive nature. Thus, Explaining the why we should go for more positive wishes.

Wishes always felt so beautiful to me. Not because its magical or it magically fulfill our wants but because it gives people Hope. When they wish for something, they hold on to the hope that maybe it might come true. Hope is a powerful word. It gives you power within. 
Monkey love to all. 💕 
Also, I haven’t seen much of response on my previous couple of posts. I don’t really know what people want to read or relate to. And i am open to you guys opinions or advices. I’ll appreciate if you’ll let me know what you guys might want more from this blog.  


Hey guys. 

So i need y’all’s help here. I saw my last post and i dont think many of you related to it. I just want you guys to give me ideas on what to write about. There are lots of things in my mind. And i have always not known what to say. So help me out? I would really appreciate if you help a friend out here? I have always thought that online is a good place to make friends. They match your mindset. And even without knowing you they help you. 💕

You know? Confusions are a very common part of our lives. As a teenager we are confused about most of the things. And its normal. Nobody expects anyone to figure out everything. But teenagers. We are the most confused people on plant. 

Top things every teenager is confused about:

  1. Crushes. You all must have spent nights over the thought that your crush likes you back or are you in love with them or just an infatuation? 
  2. Clothes. Well, only incase of girls though. What clothes to wear, how they’ll look on you etc etc.
  3. Girls. Didnt you always felt that girls are confusing? I am saying this being a girl myself. I mean why are they all so difficult to understand? Ugh. 
  4. Careers. Trust me. Even i dont know what i am gonna do regarding job and all. 
  5. Feelings. Do i have to say more? There are so many of them. All those feeling at once. 
  6. Life. Yes the major of all life. But ask your parents they havent figured it out too. You’ll figure it out. 

So, i am confused too. I dont know if this new step i took of blogging is gonna go somewhere. Or if anyone is even listening me or If my writting is helping you at anyway or if i am even a good writer. I would love your feedbacks. Help me out? 

Monkey love to you all 💕